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Introduction to Financial EDI

Current Transaction Sets

The state of Ohio presently sends to and receives from its trading partners the following transactions: 810 Invoices; 820 Payment Order/Remittance Advice; 824 Application Advice; 850 State of Ohio Standard Purchase Order (Version 4010) and Functional Acknowledgments (997). The state of Ohio plans to increase the transaction types in the future.

EDI Format Standard and Versions

The state of Ohio follows the EDI standards established by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) ASCX12 Committee. This standard, commonly referred to as "X12," is the most widely accepted standard used today in North America. The state of Ohio is capable of supporting all ANSI versions from release 2000 through release 4010. The state reserves the right to accept certain versions of certain transaction sets.

EDI Platforms

The state of Ohio processes EDI documents in a client-server/mainframe environment. DEC/EDI is the translator software used by the state of Ohio. It is not necessary that trading partners use the same hardware or software in order to electronically exchange documents with the state of Ohio.

Value Added Network

The state of Ohio uses EasyLink Services Corporation for mailbox services. The state will be using bisynchronous communications. Suppliers may choose their own VAN. The state will not mandate the use of any particular VAN as long as the VAN can communicate with EasyLink Services Corporation.

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This page updated September 17, 2003.