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Introduction to Trading Partner Agreements


Trading Partner Agreement

The State of Ohio requires that all its EDI customers have a Trading Partner Agreement (TPA) on file as a prerequisite for participating in the EDI program. An EDI Trading Partner Agreement is a contract between parties who have chosen to become electronic business partners . The TPA stipulates the general terms and conditions under which the partners agree to exchange information electronically. The document defines participant roles, communication and security requirements, and designates the electronic documents to be exchanged. The state has developed a Trading Partner Agreement, based on the American Bar Association's 1990 model TPA agreement, that is used by all state agencies.

Transaction Agreement

The Transaction Agreement is a document referenced by the Trading Partner Agreement that contains variable information that can be unique to each trading partner. Together the Trading Partner Agreement and Transaction Agreement, both with authorized signatures, constitute the legal agreement between the state and a trading partner.


NOTE: You must use a version of Acrobat Reader 4.0 or higher to view the Trading Partner Agreement and Transaction Agreement. If needed, download the latest version now!

Please print out the Trading Partner Agreement and the Transaction Agreement. Then fill them out and fax them to:

LaDonna Coulter
Electronic Commerce Center
1320 Arthur E. Adams Drive, 3rd Floor
Columbus, Ohio 43221-3595

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